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Wrapped in Newspaper’s 12 days of Christmas: Wrapping gifts

This time last year I was wrapping up my Christmas presents with newspaper and the idea of this blog slowly began forming in my mind. One year later, a leap into veganism and the death of all our four rescue hens (who we are very much missing), the blog has come to fruition and we have been getting some lovely feedback from you lot -thanks guys! So today I’d like to share my gift wrapping for this years Christmas presents, which are of course, wrapped in newspaper! This year I’ve gone crazy and decided to lino print my own gift tags as well.


To wrap up your gifts without expensive wrapping paper and minimising waste but with plenty of beauty you will need:

Pretty ribbon and or string

I always have a stash of old ribbon, some rescued from last years Christmas and some new which I will try and save from the bin once used this year.


Wrap your gift up as usual but place something or borrow someones finger to hold the paper in place whilst you fold up the edges.


Cut your ribbon to size and slip it underneath the gift, keeping the middle held down, then pull the ribbon together and cross it over and twist 90 degrees.


Turn the gift over, keeping the ribbon taut and tie a pretty bow.


This is so simple and your gifts look beautiful and unique. Not using sellotape is great, it’s unnecessary and means all you paper can go straight into the recycling bin. It is also great if you are using recycled wrapping paper as it means it doesn’t get torn so you can reuse it.


Now to make your gift tags. This is slightly more involved and does require some specialist crafty tools. You will need:

A piece of soft crafting lino
Lino cutter and varying sized blades
Lino roller
A piece of glass (I didn’t have any glass lying around so used a scrap piece of card)
Cutting matt
Craft knife
Steel ruler
Plain gift tags (or even better cut out your own from scrap paper)
Lino printing paint (I didn’t have any so I used acrylic paint)
A pencil
Some tracing or layout paper
Tailors chalk
A spoon
A cutting block (this isn’t essential but helps prevent slipping and cutting your finger. I borrowed my Dad’s which he made himself by screwing two bits of wood onto a piece of MDF)


Cut your lino to size with the size of your gift tag in mind.


Draw your design onto the tracing or layout paper using the tailors chalk. This is my first ever time lino printing so I went for a really simple design which I embellished slightly freehand whilst carving.


Place your design face down onto the lino block and rub the back of the paper with a hard pencil.


Place the lino onto your block and start carving using the biggest blade.



I wanted to keep some texture to my background so didn’t carve it away completely.


Switch to a smaller blade once you get to the more intricate part of your design.


Squeeze some paint out onto the glass (or in my case card), roll it out so as to evenly coat your lino roller. Roll the paint onto your lino block.


I started with a test print and found my background was too heavy so wiped my block clean and carved away a bit more. To print the design onto your gift tag, place the tag face down on the block, carefully hold in place and rub with the back of a spoon.


Carefully peel the gift tag away and leave to dry.


To be honest I wasn’t really sure what to expect and this isn’t quite what I’d pictured in my mind but I love them!!


Once your set up you can repeat your print over and over and all of the sudden you’ve got a full set of unique gift tags.


Undo your bow, slip the tag onto the ribbon and tie your bow back up again.


I think this is such a good way to up-cycle old newspapers and with a bit of extra effort spent on ribbon and gift tags, your gifts still look extra special.

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