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Wrapped in Newspaper’s 12 days of Christmas: Vegan Nut Roast

Every year Veronica and I cook our family Christmas dinner. We’d grown up with our Mum doing all the hard work but now we like to see her enjoying a relaxing Christmas morning not slaving away in the kitchen. So a few years ago we took over the Christmas dinner duties and between the two of us we’ve managed just fine ever since. However this year things are going to be a bit different, oh yes this is our first vegan Christmas!

Not belonging to an entirely vegan family, it seems my brother will be putting a joint of Venison to roast in the oven whilst we are preparing everything else. I would love to say that we could make something so delicious that the meat-eaters of our family would forgo their meat this Christmas but it is their choice and they have chosen, Venison. They understand the reasoning in our vegan diet and therefore chose Venison as a wild animal that has not be subjected to an intensively farmed life, which is a pretty good choice, as far as eating meat goes.

So what would we decide to replace the meat of our usual Christmas dinner with, what else but a classic nut roast!


I’ve been trying out a few recipes and this one is pretty darn delicious! Its full of flavour, heartily satisfying and importantly for a nut roast, nice and moist. The recipe I used is from The Global Vegetarian Kitchen cookbook. The addition of beans and grated apples and carrots in this recipe give it extra flavour, moisture and vary the texture which I think make it better than other recipes I’ve tried. Nut roasts are so easy, so my advice would be get creative with what you put in yours. Its simply a case of blending up some nuts of your choice, mixing all your other ingredients together, squashing it all into a loaf tin and baking for 30-40 mins.







Funnily enough this recipe only uses peanuts which aren’t actually a nut at all, they’re a legume. But its Christmas so lets not worry too much about that.

We’ll be serving this up on Christmas day with all the traditional trimmings, a few of which we’ll be doing some posts on in the coming weeks so keep an eye out for those. But one thing a Christmas dinner certainly won’t be complete without is gravy. I found an amazingly delicious vegan gravy recipe online that went brilliantly with this nut roast. It was so delicious that i’ll definitely be making the same recipe again on Christmas day.

With all the other delicious things we’ve got planned for Christmas day and with this super tasty nut roast I think I can safely say I won’t be looking back longingly at meat filled Christmas dinners of the past. I’ll be happily enjoying my cruelty free Christmas and no doubt feeling a lot less bloated : )

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