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Run like a vegan

Run like a vegan

The day I found out I had won my place in the ballot for the London Marathon 2015, I actually jumped with joy! I was going to realise my dream. The one I had had for years, the one I didn’t really believe I would ever achieve, I mean 26.2 miles is a long way and I couldn’t even run up the road without having to stop. The only thing that has got me to 5 weeks away from the marathon and believing that I may actually make it the whole way round the course, is sheer hard work and determination. Marathon running My first steps to London 2015, started about 8 years ago when Amy and I entered our first 10k together. We struggled around the course in Manchester and made it back in 1hr12mins. That was tough. I had put in the training, well what I thought was proper training and was extremely pleased to get round without stopping. Every year, I watched the marathon on telly or I went up to London to watch it in  person I said I would do it. Over the next few years we entered the Manchester 10k another couple of times, I ran a couple of the British 10k’s in London and last year I managed to get round in under an hour – that had been my aim! I also managed to complete the Hackney Half Marathon, this was where I was testing myself to see if I could move past a 10k onto further distances, if I could do a half surely I could do a full? I did the half in 2hr13mins. It was tough, it was hot and I had trained my butt off to get round. I had entered the ballot for London, and those ballot entries are like gold dust, people go for years without getting in. I had entered on a whim about five years ago and been rejected, but on my second attempt I had made it in! The problem with this marathon is it is in April, that means the majority of the training has been done in the freezing cold, in the dark, in the rain and find the motivation for those training runs has been tough. I’ve only been a fair weather runner before, but I’m sure it helps strengthen you mentally as well as physically, they do say most of the marathon is a mental game. Yesterday I completed my longest training run of 20 miles and experienced a glimpse of how tough this marathon was actually going to be. I had taken two weeks off training having pulled my neck out, and I’ve missed the difference between winter runs and spring runs, I was totally overdressed. I hadn’t carb loaded very well the night before and I felt like I was running on empty about 8 miles in. It was about then that I doubted everything I had done so far, and my inner voice was telling me I was rubbish. I tried everything to make it shut up. Thankfully I started running with a lady who pulled me around the course from about mile 12, until mile 16 when my whole body started screaming. I was back by myself, my legs hated me, my knees were hurting, I could just about manage a shuffle and despite knowing it was downhill all the way until mile 20 I just wanted to stop. I wanted to cry. I kept going. I’ve toughened up. I’m going to do this. I can’t really believe I made it round, I’m taking every bit of help I can and there’s nothing like a nutrient rich green juice to help nourish my aching body, that plus an ice bath (kill me)! Green juice Green Smoothie 1 kiwi 2 slices of pineapple 2 inches of cucumber A handful of spinach 1 tspn milled chia seeds Water or coconut water 1. Peel the kiwi, pineapple and slice into cubes. 2. Wash the spinach. Pop into your juicer along with the pineapple, spinach, cucumber, kiwi and chia seeds. 3. Cover the fruit and veg with water and blend for a couple of minutes until smooth. You can either drink straight away or save it for later in the day! Enjoy Veronica x Note. I use a Nutribullet so juice according to your juicers instructions 🙂

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