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Press pause

Press pause

Sometimes life is busy, too busy and we just need to press the pause button.WoodsAmy is currently away living the dream learning about all things permaculture and camping somewhere in the middle of Dorset. I’m so jealous, especially as the weather this weekend is the perfect for it – which doesn’t happen often in the UK.Sky

I have a job that can raise my stress levels to heart palpitatingly high and I look at a screen all day. At lunch and at home, I spend too much time looking at my phone. I watch boxsets and netflix like they’re going to go somewhere and I can always find something to do. I’m tired.LavendarSo, it’s time to rest. Time to meditate. Time to practice Yoga. Stop staring at screens, stop reading this, stop living online and get outdoors. Sit in the sun, read a book, go for a walk. Have a nap. Relax and recharge.

It’s the weekend – enjoy.

Veronica x

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