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Hazelnut & Chocolate Truffles

Hazelnut & Chocolate Truffles

I haven’t eaten any chocolate for three months. Surprisingly I’ve not really missed it – except for the occasional craving. However, Easter is fast approaching, really quickly actually, and there is no escaping the fact that usually around this time of year I would be consuming my body weight in easter eggs. Oh boy, I love easter eggs! So, I’m going to need my fix. I found inspiration for these bad boys via Top  with Cinnamon and Rawsome Vegan Life  (awesome blogs fyi) and came up with this version below.  The nuttiness of them reminds me of a Ferrero Rocher. Perfect to eat yourself or to give as an easter gift.

Vegan Chocolates

Vegan Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate Truffles

Easter chocolates

Hazelnut & Chocolate Truffles
(Makes about 20)

100g Hazelnuts
200g Dates
200ml Water
100g Oats
50g Almonds
2 tbsp Nut Butter (I used almond)
3 tbsp Raw Cacao Powder

Toast the hazelnuts in a pan on a high heat for a few minutes, tossing regularly so they don’t burn. Leave to cool.

Roughly chop the dates and add to another  saucepan along with the water, bring to the boil and simmer for ten minutes. Leave to cool.

Roll the cooled hazelnuts around so their skins come away and then blitz in a blender (or roughly chop).

Toast the oats (in the same pan the hazelnuts were toasted in) for a few minutes. Add the chopped hazelnuts.

Chop the almonds and add to the oats along with the cacao powder and nut butter.

Add in the dates and mix thoroughly. Shape into balls and leave to set in the fridge.

As simple as that! Happy Easter.

Veronica x

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