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Growing your Own

One of the problems with our eating habits is that we expect all fruit and vegetables to be made available to us in the supermarkets all year round. This means our food is travelling from further and further afield. Take Asparagus for example, British crops are available in spring for around eight weeks, but we still see it in our shops for the rest of the year.  These crops are mainly being imported from Peru.  In fact, when you read what the impact of growing this crop has, not only on the environment but also on the Peruvian people, it makes me want to look a lot more about buying seasonal British produce.

One way of ensuring your food does not clock up serious air miles is by growing it yourself. This year I have started sharing an allotment with a friend and have been working away at my little patch to ensure we get some delicious vegetables in return. I am very much a novice gardener and looking around at the other allotment owners is is very easy to get vegetable envy. This year I’ve been growing Runner beans, Climbing beans, Broad beans, Courgettes, Squash, Tomatoes and Rainbow Chard. It is so rewarding taking home your produce and then cooking and eating it.

I hope to be able to give little updates on here about what I am growing and maybe some tips on how to go about it. Obviously it is not feasible for us all to have allotments, in fact the only reason I can manage to have one is because I share it, but there are other things that can be done; growing things in your garden, on your balcony, on your window sill, buying from local farm shops or subscribing to a local vegetable box scheme. No doubt we will look at these things in future posts.


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  • There is a great blog which I will try to find again and link you to where a family in London grew over £1,000 worth of fruit and veg without a garden! They used only window boxes,(if i recall the neighbours loved the idea and let them use their windows too!), indoor plans and their balcony! Amazing what you can do with very little space! Try growing some spinach – so so easy to grow 😀

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