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Fracking: What the Frack is it?

I’ve hit a mental block. I don’t know whether it is the weather or the fact I am reduced to surviving on little more than vegetables and nuts as I continue on my three month stint of a sugar free, yeast free, fun-less existence. I’ve been finding it tough, really tough. Longing for the sunshine, the longer days, life to continue on the way it should be. Alas, we have been in the midst of some sort of British equivalent of monsoon season, rain so much rain. There is no denying the weather is changing and undoubtedly our reliance on fossil fuels, over farming and over consuming has had a major impact on this. We need to change – all of us.

If you follow the news, the current UK Government’s solution to our dwindling energy supply is “Fracking”. This requires drilling deep into the ground, injecting fluid at high pressure, fracturing the rock and releasing shale gas through a well. Providing jobs and energy for the future a solution to the problem. Sounds like a plan Stan?

Well, actually there are some problems – some pretty big problems. The fluid that is injected is full of toxins such as uranium, lead, formaldehyde and carcinogens and during the process these toxins can leak out and contaminate groundwater even get into our drinking water! Er what??? That’s right, over in the States they have been Fracking for a while and the problems there should be our warning sign. Drinking water has become contaminated in some areas meaning it has now been deemed unsafe to drink, cancer rates have increased, along with neurological and reproductive problems. This hasn’t put off our Government and Fracking has got underway in the UK, and there have already been environmental impacts.

Up in the north of the England, we have already seen earth tremors and this could become a norm if it is rolled across the country, what would headlines of the south centric press be saying when these occurrences affect them?

Fracking is considered a solution to the energy crisis and a way of cutting fuel costs, but it is a short-term gain at an environmental cost, pulling resources and attention away from renewables.  We are now seeing the very real consequences of how our way of living is affecting the climate, not just in this country but across the world. The negative impact of fracking will impact us, all of us. I think the clue is in the name as to where we should be putting our resources, after all shale gas will run dry and the UK will be left with a landscape of gas wells like this…pretty hey?

Image source: The Telegraph

Give me some wind turbines anyday.

Ignorance is bliss, and sometimes life is just easier when we bury our heads in the sand – I know I do. But now we know some of the facts we need to do something, after all, this will surely impact our lives and the lives of generations to come, we can’t just turn a blind eye. What can we do? Well, we can find out more – I’ve just given a brief snapshot of fracking, do your own research.  We  have our voices and we can make a lot of noise, look at what these people are doing. Instead of ignoring those petitions that pop up on your Facebook or twitter feed, why not sign them, like this one or this one? Write to your MP, if they don’t hear from their constituents they can’t accurately represent us – although their response is not always what you want to hear – bastards!

Let us at least educate ourselves so we are not living ignorantly letting our fate be decided for us.

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