Don’t bin it, cook it!

We’ve all done it. Left half a bunch of fresh herbs to wilt, seen mould encroaching on some fruit and let it go beyond the point of rescue.

Food waste it a huge problem and in light of Tesco’s food waste figures, its time for us to take it upon ourselves to do our bit to make sure we are all zero food waste homes. Tesco revealed it generated an enormous 30,000 tonnes of food waste in the first half of 2013 alone.

I’ve found having a better appreciation of where my food comes from and what its taken to produce it has meant I never want to throw anything away. Knowing just what my chickens go through to make one single egg, watching the time it took for my tomato plants to germinate, grow, flower and to finally start producing tomatoes, how could I bin something that has taken so much time and energy to make?

Becoming vegan has also helped me think about food differently. Instead of getting food envy when some non-vegan snacks are passed around the office, I think, well, do I actually need any more food? Surely overeating is just the same as food waste? If I don’t need the extra calories and I’m guessing that missing out on the nutritional benefits of doughnuts won’t do me any harm, all of the sudden saying no looks like quite a good idea!

Lets be clear, I’m not saying I’m never going to indulge in a treat again. If we simply put things into perspective, it can help us all reduce food waste by not throwing food away and by cutting down on unnecessary calories.

So, lets make a start towards our zero food waste homes. 20% of Tesco’s food waste figures are made up of fruit and vegetables and more specifically one in ten bananas are thrown away. Considering that those bananas have been shipped thousands of miles to reach our fruit bowls it seems that bananas are as good a place as any to start.

When you’ve got some bananas sitting around looking like this:


don’t dispair, they can soon look like this:


I went to my trusted Ms Cupcake book for a banana-chocolate and walnut loaf recipe. I adapted it slightly, I had no chocolate chips so inspired by the recipe from Guac and Roll, I mixed some cocoa powder into a third of the cake mixture to make a chocolatey centre.





We promise to keep posting recipe ideas for using up food if you guys promise to start making your home a zero food waste one.


  1. mattwilliams86

    20,000 tonnes is a lot of waste! Fruit and veg are a tough one to stop going off, especially when your only cooking for one. Maybe some tips on food preservation would be a good article, bananas wrapped in newspaper in the fridge etc. Keep up the blogging, enjoying the read 🙂

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