Cruelty free birthday cake


I’m a big fan of cake, in fact I love all kinds of cakey/biscuity treats and I absolutely love to bake. When I was considering becoming a vegan, it was one thing that made me more than a little apprehensive. I asked questions such as, “What the heck do you make icing from if you can’t use butter?” “What shops will sell vegan cake?” and “Do vegan cakes even taste any good?”

Well, I am yet to find many shops that sell any vegan cakes (well not where I live), but they are out there! My first exploration into the world of vegan baking was when I was tasked with making Amy’s birthday cake, she wanted a Victoria Sponge cake, with fresh Strawberries on it, so I set to work and what I discovered surprised me.

I hunted for some recipes online, there are plenty out there, but none of them really grabbed my attention. Amy then directed me to a recipe from a cookbook she had bought recently ‘Ms Cupcake’ a whole book dedicated to vegan cakes! Oh yum! In there was the perfect recipe. The method was easier than non vegan cakes, and the result was a delicious vanilla sponge, that looked and tasted delicious, there was even a comment that it was the best sponge they have ever eaten! The usual cakey ingredients were substituted with vegetable oil and soya milk and the butter icing was made using soya butter and vegetable fat (I used Trex). I answered my first questions in one slice of this cake, the icing and cake were AMAZING. As I continue on in the world of vegan baking I will be looking at ways of veganising all my favourite tasty bakes.


  1. Ms Cupcake is brilliant! I met her at a free from show a couple of years ago and her passion for delicious vegan bakes is awesome. Good luck with your cruelty free food journey, you’re an inspiration!

    • Thank you so much Caleigh! Ms Cupcake is brilliant, I love that first and foremost she makes delicious cakes which, oh by the way are vegan and can be adapted to be gluten free. Yum yum yum!

  2. The best cake I ever had was Vegan Ron. Raspberry and Chocolate from Isa Chandras Vegan With A Vengence. I’ve made it and it was also Holly’s wedding cake!

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