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Grow your own

Update from the allotment

  I may be a bit behind in terms of where things are in their growth development, but i’m slowly getting somewhere this summer. I have found it pretty tricky this year, what with the weather and mega slug problem and things haven’t gone as […]

Peashoots, micro veg, salads and the return of the flies.

Peashoots, micro veg, salads and the return of the flies.

Last month I told you how I had started off this year’s growing season slowly by sprouting lentils. Well this month I’ve taken baby steps to up my game with reasonable success. I’ve been growing micro veg and peashoots and they’ve been packing a flavour […]

Sprouting lentils and a sprouted lentil stir-fry

Sprouting lentils and a sprouted lentil stir-fry

I love growing my own food and I’ve never let the fact that I live in a flat with no garden or balcony hold me back. In fact, normally my growing season goes something like this: Dream up a list of extravagant things I can grow on my […]

Spring is here!

Spring has finally sprung! I think it has to be my favourite month of them all. Those long dark days are slowing stretching out, flowers are starting to come to bloom, leaving home in the morning in the light, the smell of the air changing […]

Grow your own: Preparing for winter

As the cold of winter takes the only thing hanging on at the allotment is the rainbow chard but, I don’t want to become a fair-weather gardener – I want to embrace all the seasons. This year, my first year as an allotment holder, I […]

Growing your Own

One of the problems with our eating habits is that we expect all fruit and vegetables to be made available to us in the supermarkets all year round. This means our food is travelling from further and further afield. Take Asparagus for example, British crops […]