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Blogiversary – One year on

Blogiversary – One year on

I can’t quite believe it has been a whole year since Amy and I started this blog. Sometime we still can’t quite believe that people actually read what we write to be honest! So thanks : )

If you’re a regular reader, you probably know what we are all about. But, if you’ve just come across us here is a little glimpse. Having both turned vegan in 2013, after rescuing some ex-commercial chickens in 2012 and then being bombarded with questions about what we ate, why the heck we gave up meat and cheese, we decided to explain the whys and show the whats on this blog. If you want to read more about that, you can read a more detailed version here.


Wrapped in Newspaper has developed from our original idea and so have we. We both have changed our eating habits, not just removing meat and dairy, but now we also try to eat a low sugar, clean lifestyle. (Although you wouldn’t think so with the amount of cake I’ve eaten in the last week – it was my birthday!) We have definitely come along way from our first blog post! Our sweet recipes are now a majority of whole wheat, refined sugar free and healthy. We don’t just write about food here, we also talk about how we are both making a conscious effort to live a more ethical lifestyle through eating seasonal food, our shopping habits and decisions we make.


We made a decision when we started out that if we had opportunities to work with brands we would turn them down and now we get the odd email with these offers this still remains the case. We do not want to feel obliged to write about something that we have been sent for free, and wouldn’t necessarily buy. We only post about things we genuinely want to, and nothing has been sent to us for free from PR agencies.

One of our biggest highlights over the past year was when Instagram featured our account as a suggested user…CRAZY! Cue an insane number of followers – we were gobsmacked! Give us a follow if you are on IG! We post lots of different photos.

This week I thought we’d have a look back over the last year and remind you of some of our favourite posts that sum up what this blog is all about.

Apple Dorset Cake
Now, although this isn’t sugar-free we are in the midst of apple season and this is the perfect pudding for a chilly autumnal evening, Amy veganised one of our family favourites.


Hazelnut & Chocolate Truffles
I made these truffles when I was in the midst of cutting refined sugar completely from my diet, and I had just been allowed to reintroduce natural sugars. HELLO dates! These are the perfect snack when craving a little something chocolatey and sweet.

Vegan Chocolate Truffles

Vegan athletes
We’ve both taken to exercise this year in a big way and we love it! Amy completed a 100 mile cycle ride and I completed a half marathon and am about to start training for the London Marathon – yes I got in via the ballot! Read about my running here and read about how we fuel ourselves before we get up and go here!

vegan porridge


Since joining the Wrapped in Newspaper team, Hayley has been inspiring and educating us with her love for bees and her quest to find out more about the difficulties honeybees are facing. Many people who question veganism are often exacerbated by the fact the vegans won’t even eat honey, but Hayley has shared a non-vegan perspective on honey that will make everyone think twice about consuming honey and the way in which we farm honeybees.


Sprouting Lentils
Whilst I have my allotment to grow things, Amy has a flat and space is limited. Here she shows us how to sprout lentils, which fyi are super nutritious and easy to do, plus a tasty stir-fry recipe.

sprouted green lentils

Convenience shopping
We are both big fans of our veg boxes. You should definitely think about signing up for one! This is one simple way of buying local, delicious veg that hasn’t been shipped half way around the world!


Thanks to everyone who has come to visit our little corner of the worldwide web. We are looking forward to our next year of creating delicious, healthy, seasonal, vegan recipes and sharing ideas on how we can have a more positive impact on the planet through our everyday lives.

Veronica, Amy & Hayley x

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