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Hi, I’m Veronica. Here I share recipes that are always delicious, mainly healthy and usually inspired by fresh local produce. Oh, and they’re also vegan!

I became vegan after re-homing four rescue hens. I fell in love with those little chickens and it changed the way I thought about food, where it comes from and many other aspects of my lifestyle. So I decided to start this blog to show that vegan food can be fun, delicious, easy to make and isn’t restricted.

I suffer with my digestion, and have come to realise that my tummy is at it’s happiest when I don’t feed it too much gluten, sugar or processed food. Therefore, my recipes tend to lean along the refined sugar and gluten free side, but not exclusively as I’m only human!

I started Wrapped in Newspaper alongside my sister Amy, and together we gained a big Instagram following, won PETA’s 2015 Great Vegan Bake-Off, have had our recipes featured in Gluten-Free Heaven magazine, on One Green Planet, Metro Online, The Debrief and have spoken at the Vegan Futures festival. You’ll still find lots of Amy’s amazing recipes on here, but now it’s just me!

You can also follow me cooking, eating, running and generally having lols on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat, or you can subscribe to the blog to receive my latest recipes straight in your inbox!

If you’re new to these parts here are some of my favourite posts:
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Want to work together? 
Please send me an email: wrappedinnewspaper[at]gmail[dot]com

If you’ve got a brand that you think would fit nicely in these parts then do get in touch. I will only work with companies that I genuinely have a passion for and would be happy to talk about opportunities I have here or on my Instagram account.

Thanks for stopping by!

Veronica x


  1. I’m so happy to have found your beautiful corner of blog land and you’re based in the UK too- hooray! Keep up the incredible work ladies, i’m so looking forward to perusing your wonderful pages xxxx

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