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A wedding present is for life

My friends will tell you that I’m not exactly the biggest fan of weddings. Now don’t get me wrong, its not marriage I’m talking about, its weddings. There’s the over the top dresses, the questionably coloured bridesmaids dresses, the seat covers and worst of all, the present list!

For me, present lists embody all the negative things in our materialistic society. The desire for things, for new things and without any thought to where they have come from, who made them or how long they will last.

So if you’re thinking of inviting me to your wedding don’t expect a new, mass produced fruit bowl from the high street shop of your present list. I shall be bringing something with meaning, something personal, something that, I hope, you will want to keep for a lifetime.

Such a gift will no doubt require a little more thought and effort but when you consider the 60 or so years this present might have to last for, a bit of extra time now seems pretty insignificant.
When our brother got engaged we knew we wanted to give him something extra special and we decided a handmade quilt would make the perfect lifetime gift for him and our future sister-in-law.
This was a pretty big challenge for us novice sewers and it certainly didn’t turn out perfectly. Despite the numerous online tutorials we watched, it was wonky, the squares didn’t line up and it was bunched in places.
But, none of that mattered, they loved it, with all its faults. They were overwhelmed that we had gone to so much trouble to make something not just to celebrate the here and now of their wedding but something to be a part of their new life together, as husband and wife.

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