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Wrapped in Newspaper’s 12 days of Christmas: Vegan Christmas Pudding

When it comes to traditional Christmas food I’m not a fan! Christmas cake-yuk! Mince pies-gross! Christmas pudding-the worst of the lot! But, everyone else in our house loves it and there would be an uprising if it wasn’t served on Christmas Day!

Traditionally, I’m a bit late making this as Stir-up Sunday (the supposed day to make your pudding) was on the 24th November. Sod tradition I say! Who has time to worry about that stuff!

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I was more than a little apprehensive to make this. I shouldn’t have been, it turned out to be dead easy. The main task is making sure you have all the ingredients, once you have your shelves stocked it really couldn’t be simpler! If you can weigh out ingredients  you can make this. I’m told a shop bought one doesn’t compare to homemade (well isn’t that true of everything!)

The recipe I based this on required eggs. A couple of weeks ago I bought some egg replacer, which is made up of potato starch and tapioca that only needs water added. Eggs act as binder in most recipes and it is only the liquid that eggs are used for, so it can be really easy to use an alternative. In this case you could also used ground flax seeds and water or apple sauce. In fact apple sauce would be a perfect alternative, providing an extra fruity flavour to the pudding.

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100g Vegetable suet (I used Atora)
150g Plain flour
200g Currants
150g Sultanas
150g Raisins
1 tsp Ground nutmeg
1 tsp Mace
I grated carrot
Zest of one lemon
75g Brown Sugar
75g Breadcrumbs
Egg replacer for two eggs
150ml Black Sheep Ale (or any other vegan ale)

1. Weigh out all your ingredients
2. Mix all your dry ingredients together.
3 Mix together your egg replacer, and add to the dry mix along with the ale
4. Stir all the ingredients together
5. Grease your pudding basin
6. Boil in a saucepan of water for 6 hours (yes I know we are talking a long time here!) Make sure you keep the water topped up so it doesn’t boil dry. Once cooked, store it away somewhere cool until the big day and you will need to boil it for another three hours on Christmas morning to warm it through. Serve it with Brandy Butter, I used soya margarine, icing sugar (mix to make a buttercream) and add a splash of Brandy or a couple of splashes if you like it boozy.

Confession time, I used Newcastle brown ale…..turns out it isn’t vegan! So watch out for the booze! I still haven’t quite got into the habit of checking what is vegan and what isn’t in the drinks department!

This really is so simple to make and so easy to veganise. Enjoy your homemade puddings this year!

p.s  I made a big one to be saved for Christmas Day and a mini one so I could show you all how it turned out – which meant I had a sneaky little taste of it – turns out I don’t hate Christmas Pudding as much as I thought, and I may be eating on Christmas Day after all!

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